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Chris cpollock at embarqmail.com
Sun Feb 15 09:53:59 PST 2009

On Sun, 2009-02-15 at 15:23 +0000, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Chris at 15/02/09 14:30 did gyre and gimble:
> > Mandriva 2009(Free), Gnome Desktop, Pulseaudio 0.9.10. Last Wednesday
> > night gstreamer was updated on an auto update, since then I've been
> > seeing the above in my syslog. I've only been able to find one reference
> > to this in google and it dealt with ogg files not being played. I don't
> > have that problem though. In fact I can really find no issues as all
> > file types are being played through XMMS, Amarok and XMMS2. RealPlayer
> > crashes when I try to play a stream but I don't use it much anyway. Here
> > are the files that were updated:
> > 
> > gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-0.10.10-2.1mdv2009.0 installed 
> > gstreamer0.10-flac-0.10.10-2.1mdv2009.0 installed 
> > gstreamer0.10-pulse-0.10.10-2.1mdv2009.0 installed 
> > 
> > I see this entry in my syslog about every minute or so. Any advice on
> > what to do about this would be appreciated. 
> If this has only just started happening since your update then it sounds 
> like gstreamer is no longer defaulting to pulse as it's default output 
> layer and is using esound instead.
> Unless you are specifically using some legacy app that uses esound it 
> should not be in use at all.
> So I'd start by checking how your gstreamer chains are working and debug 
> it from there.
> Col
Thanks Colin, I am using the GKrellm SoundScope plugin which does use
e-sound. I've joined the gstreamer list and will ask there. I do have
the e-sound gstreamer plugin installed, but I noticed that this isn't 

pulseaudio-esound-compat - PulseAudio EsounD daemon compatibility

Should it be?


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