[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 0.9.15-test3

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Feb 24 14:11:45 PST 2009



We are approaching the final 0.9.15. Threre's probably going to be
another iteration of test release before the final release though,
given that my list of items to fix before the final release is, uh,
.... oscillating.

Hmm, in contrast to what I promised earlier I had to change a few
strings. Also I added new strings because I earlier forgot to make
some things translatable that need to be translatable. Hence, if you
care about i18n, please use Transifex to update the translations.

Colin Guthrie (2):
      Remove references to trademarked terms.
      Add the module dir to the libpulse pkgconfig file (needed for paprefs)

Fabian Affolter (1):
      Updated German translation

Francesco Tombolini (2):
      Italian language by ubuntu team
      Updated linguas file for it lang

Iain Hibbert (1):
      Optionally disable IPv6

Kelemen Gábor (2):
      Make pulseaudio.desktop and org.pulseaudio.policy translatable.
      Make .desktop and .policy file in src/daemon translatable

Lennart Poettering (86):
      the service fd is a stream socket, so handle things accordingly
      minor service IO fixes
      use the same service fd shutdown logic when destructing module and changing profile
      don't claim that profile changes are always successful
      don't try to recycle rtpoll objects
      add full set of argument description
      add a module that forwards cork/uncork requests to X11 as fake pause/resume key events
      fix aiff channel mapping for 6 channels
      we reinit proplist since the server will copy from client proplist anyway
      drop check for PA_PROP_APPLICATION_NAME since often enough we can deduce this better from g_get_application_name()
      make PA_GCC_PACKED and PA_GCC_MALLOC actually work
      add definition for GCC style weak references
      make PULSE_PROP env vars non-overriding but introduce PULSE_PROP_OVERRIDE for allowing overriding
      properly read icon/application name/display from gtk/glib/gdk
      ignore gtk-test
      show whether gtk+ support is enabled after configure
      document all currently known properties
      add doxygen comment for PA_GCC_WEAKREF
      unify ALSA mixer initialization
      don't open the alsa devices in hw:xxx mode
      bluetooth: fix message queue/rtpoll
      bump required alsa version
      allow pa to be run in a chroot() environment tht lacks /proc
      simplify pa_alsa_init_proplist_pcm() a bit and include resolution bits in alsa device props
      minor optimizations
      refer folks to the ALSA devs, not us
      allow importing of more memory blocks than exporting
      if we fail to import a memblock fill in silence to guarantee stability of timing
      export pa_match()
      introduce pa_realpath()
      export card information for sinks/sources and number of sinks/sources a profile would create to clients
      handle both positive and negative errno's
      additional validity check
      additional validity check
      make interpol-test useful for recording as well
      add pa_timespec_load
      modernize pa_msleep() a bit
      split out mixer setup into seperate functions to make things more readable
      don't try to use weakref stuff on older compilers that don't really support it
      make profile names translatable
      make it easier to debug timing related problems
      Make sure we actually call _() for translating profile names
      add test tool for debugging broken timing in sound drivers
      fix comment
      big alsa module rework to make things more robust to broken sound drivers and make it easier to debug them
      run make update-po
      simplify some code
      tell gcc to ignore invalid gtk header files
      split off foreign code into a convenience library to make gcc warnings go away
      check for ENABLE_LEGACY_RUNTIME_DIR with #ifdef, not #if
      add new property PA_PROP_APPLICATION_PROCESS_SESSION_ID and initialize it by default
      introduce default channel map in addition to the default sample spec
      print warnings about driver bugs at most once
      prefer profiles that match the default channel map
      fix wording, closes #484
      make string translatable (fixes #483)
      rework logging to make it more modular
      make sure we don't choke on PULSE_PROP_OVERRIDE
      make sure we don't choke on overly long lines in .desktop files
      initialize selem index
      rework suspending/resuming
      prepare test for tracking down ens1371 issue
      Allow passing a NULL proplist to pa_xxxx_update_proplist() to just fire a notification
      a couple of boring updates
      add new function pa_alsa_get_driver_name_by_pcm()
      add new wrapper pa_alsa_safe_delay() around snd_pcm_delay()
      print driver name when we encounter driver bugs
      use pa_alsa_safe_delay() where appropriate
      allow scache entries to have arbitrary names
      set esound.byte_order property
      implement esd sample panning. closes #428
      complete esd suspend/resume implementation
      it's probably more appropriate to return the configured latency instead of the actual latency
      fix handling of stereo
      update gitignore
      introduce new well-known role 'a11y'
      if ALSA gives us nonsensical data at least try to fix it up a little
      in case alsa lies to use don't spin forever
      implement device reservation scheme
      update reserve.c from upstream git
      don't put both the card and the pcm name in the description of a device if one contains the other
      set reserve interface application device name
      run make update-po
      ignore tags file
      make sure we check the sink status for PA_SINK_INPUT_FAIL_ON_SUSPEND only after module-suspend-on-idle had the chance to resume the device
      hide shave in gitignore

Marc-André Lureau (35):
      bluetooth: update SBC from upstream
      bluetooth: don't crash on pa_thread_mq_done() if pa_init() fail
      bluetooth: print SBC encoder implementation info
      pulse/context: add --enable-legacy-runtime-dir
      dbus-util: avoid double free
      hal-detect: make sure r is initialized, so we don't take random path
      alsa-util: make sure we check an initialized cn variable
      log: don't leak bt
      card-restore: it's not useful to check an array, let's check the length
      protocol-native: fix get_info() for cards
      paplay: check if pa_context_connect() succeed
      pactl: check if pa_context_connect succeed
      tests/sync-playback: check if pa_context_connect succeed
      tests/interpol-test: check if mainloop_start() succeed
      tests/thread-mainloop-test: check if threaded_mainloop_start() succeed
      pactl: return in case of error reading file (avoid using freed d)
      main: remove unused lf variable
      pulsecore: remove unused variable from cli_command_load()
      rtp-recv: remove unused variable assignment
      pacat: remove unused variable
      pulsecore: fix check for cb (m is already checked before)
      padsp: don't use si if it's NULL
      tests/ipacl-test: check inet_pton()
      pulsecore: unused variable e in hashmap_put()
      pulsecore: use r returned from fgets()
      daemon-conf: make sure c->log_level < LEVEL_MAX
      protocol-esound: don't accept a request of PROTOCOL_MAX
      stream-resotre: don't leak a name
      protocol-native: don't leak a proplist
      rtp: remove unused variable a
      pulsecore: don't leak d in case of error
      pulsecore: don't leak p when make_random_dir_and_link()
      alsa-util: check if mixer_poll_descriptors_count() < 0
      bluetooth: fix suspend on a2dp (to do on HSP non SCO over PCM)
      build: shave it!

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Timo Jyrinki (1):
      Updated Finnish translation against current trunk.

Xavier Conde (1):
      Updated catalan po


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