[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] revive solaris module

Thomas Wagner tom-pulse at tom.bn-ulm.de
Sat Feb 28 13:18:02 PST 2009

Sounds really great!

I'm running pulseaudio 0.9.5 on Solaris Express X86 for a while, but the newer
pulsaudio releases use atomic_ops and this is not available on Solaris.
The atomic operations delivered with Solaris are not a drop-in replacement.

If anyone want to help solving this, this would enable to use the current
pulsaudio releases as well.

If we could work together this would be really great.

To see how I build by RPM build-recipe see first the spec file and 
the referenced patches here:

  or here

This uses a build environment also used for building GNOME on Solaris, with
a separate svn repository of 900+ build recipes. And if we think pulseaudio
should o into the OpenSolaris contrib packages, then the build recipe can
be requested to be included for automatic build.

Again, I think newer pulsaudio releases need a replacement for the atomic_ops,
any help welcome.


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