[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] revive solaris module

Sergio Serge.Coche at free.fr
Sat Feb 28 15:47:52 PST 2009

Finn Thain a écrit :

> When I posted that patch I had not actually tried to link any other 
> solaris apps with the pulseaudio client libraries. But Csound piqued my 
> curiosity. So I ported it to solaris. If you want the patch and build 
> scripts let me know.
I commited the attached patch (SConstruct and source files) in the 
Csound forum : not very complete, but sufficient to work with CS (some 
extra opcodes, FLTK widgets, etc.)

> The realtime scheduling works (both csound and pulseaudio).

Here a little synthesis of my issue with Pulseaudio-09.6/Csound


But now the best is probably that i build Pulseaudio-09.14 with the 
patch you posted some days ago.



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