[pulseaudio-discuss] Virtual loopback to provide PCM capture

Davide Cescato ceski at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jun 29 14:51:18 PDT 2009

On 06/29/2009 05:52 PM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
 > On Mon, 29.06.09 12:14, Davide Cescato (ceski at fedoraproject.org) wrote:
 >> The problem with this approach is that the voip application should only
 >> capture the microphone input, whereas the recording application should
 >> capture the mix of both microphone input and "internal audio".
 > IIRC Paul Frields wrote "PulseCaster" which does what you want to do.
 > Lennart

Thanks for the replies. Despite the technical difficulties, mentioned in 
Tanu's and Colin's e-mails, that clock skew might bring, shouldn't the 
feature of being able to mix multiple recording sources into the 
"default capture" stream fall within the scope of PA?

I will have a look at PulseCaster, but if PulseAudio could include the 
desired input mixing feature, then any recording application could be 
used... I thought a bit more about my question, and I realized that 
recording a videoconference call would be the next step... Therefore, I 
would be back to considering recordmydesktop as the recording application!

Or, does the fact that the voip application and the recording 
application need to capture two different streams prevent the 
possibility of using any recording application?

I am not rushing, but I am just asking of what the possibilities are for 
a future version of PA... and I admit knowing too little and having no 
time to be able to work on this myself.

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