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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Mar 3 11:30:31 PST 2009

On Sun, 01.03.09 13:44, Pablo Yaggi (pyaggi at alsurdelsur.com) wrote:

> > > hcitool scan 
> > > I found my device and did:
> > > hcitool cc ... (my device was connected )
> > 
> > Don't use the raw low-level tools. Use bluez's gnome UI tools for the pairing/trusting.
> Now I used the bluetooth-browse to make the connection, but could
> this really be a problem with pa ?

I am not sure what tool bluetooth-browse is. Please use the bluez
gnome UI tools. i.e. bluetooth-applet, bluetooth-wizard.

> > Also, are you sure you loaded "module-bluetooth-discover"? Add a
> > "load-module" line for that to defualt.pa. That's the code that
> > actually makes PA pick up all connected BT audio devices.
> Yes, and also it's listed in paman , now I notice in the preferences dialog
> it says autoloaded:no, could it be the problem ?
> in the default.pa this three lines exits:
> .ifexists module-bluetooth-discover.so
> load-module module-bluetooth-discover
> .endif

The .ifexists makes sure the module is only loaded if it is
installed. Are you sure you have installed it? You can make sure it is
loaded by typing "list-modules" in pacmd.

Also, as I said, have you correctly connected the device using d-feet
as I mentioned?

You are aware that you need a recent bluez 4.3x release for this, and
a very recent PA 0.9.15 snapshot, right?


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