[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio fails on Fedora 10

Another Sillyname anothersname at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 8 18:48:29 PDT 2009

2009/3/8 Peter Onion <Peter.Onion at btinternet.com>:
> Using pulseaudio-0.9.14-1.fc10 (x86_64) After a few minutes
> playing......
> E: source.c: Assertion 'PA_SOURCE_IS_OPENED(s->thread_info.state)'
> failed at pulsecore/source.c:428, function pa_source_post(). Aborting.
> Where should I be looking ?
> PeterO
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I've banged around Pulseaudio trying to get it working on FC10 with
two totally different mobo's and come to the conclusion that while
it's getting close to functional it just ain't quite there
yet........so I would recommend.....

su -
{enter password}

yum remove pulse*

You'll save yourself a lot of heartache.......

I will be retrying it in FC11 though.

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