[pulseaudio-discuss] Multiple simultaneous sinks for a single stream

Jud Craft craftjml at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 20:45:04 PDT 2009

Is this possible?  I haven't used Fedora in a month or two (which I
regard as close to upstream as I dare to venture), but I recall that
it was only possible to move a stream between sinks, as opposed to
selecting different sinks for playback.

I'm not sure of a good use case for that one -- perhaps the ability to
listen to audio locally, and stream it over network to a nearby
location at the same time.  Or, for multiple sets of outputs (I think
I seem to recall a discussion post Pulseaudio developers where it said
that Pulse could help link two or three different stereo outputs into
a virtual surround output, or something like that.  Possibly my
understanding is in over it's league).

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