[pulseaudio-discuss] Using PA with multiple sound cards

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 20 15:53:36 PDT 2009

On Friday 20 March 2009 21:08:57 Mark Greenwood wrote:
> Can I make certain modules 'bind' to certain cards?
> I've got an internal sound card and a USB sound card. The USB is permanently connected. I'd like the internal sound card to be the default but I'd like module-rtp-recv to 'bind' to the USB card. The internal card is alsa card 0 and the USB card is alsa card 1.
> Is this possible? How would I configure it?
> Thanks,

OK, replying to myself again. I found the sink= parameter for module-rtp-recv. 

Now can anybody explain why RTP only works when I leave pavucontrol open on the sending machine? As soon as I close it the audio goes all choppy or even disappears altogether. 

I'd try and use zeroconf-discovered sinks but I've still not found out (or had any explanation for) why that causes huge CPU usage.

I reiterate that all this worked perfectly with 0.9.10. 0.9.14 and greater have been nothing but trouble. I'm currently using tsched=0 if that makes any difference.

Should I just log all these things as bugs and shut up?


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