[pulseaudio-discuss] Export pulsecore and pulsecommon header file

Zhang, Xing Z xing.z.zhang at intel.com
Wed Mar 25 03:43:02 PDT 2009

Hi Lennart:
	More and more people like me are working on writing module of PA. A problem we encountered is current PA dev-pkg released by distribution vendor only includes header files for application but not for module. 
Did you think about export pulsecore/pulsecommon header files to module programmers so that modules can be developed with dev pkg such as pulseaudio-devel-0.9.15-10.1.fedaro.i586.rpm. I tried to do this by attached patch but accomplished nothing due to config.h produced by autoconf can not be exported.
	Do you have any suggestion to pass this issue? It will really benefit module programmers much if the process of writing a PA module is as easy as writing an application in distribution.

Zhang Xin(Wing)
Intel(SSG/OTC) ShangHai China 

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