[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH 4/4] Wrap clock_gettime and friends

Claesson Mattias Mattias.Claesson at se.fujitsu.com
Thu Nov 5 10:23:03 PST 2009


>Which version did you compile? You should use git to check out the latest sources for that. Some changes mandatory for Mac OS X builds came in after the last release.
I just cloned the latest one (I think, new to that tool) using:
git clone git://git.0pointer.de/pulseaudio.git

Its a bit strange that the posix calls does not work for semphores on macox, but a temporary workaround is better than nothing.

All but the first point (1) are dirty hacks to force semaphore-osx.c to compile and link.
I will try to make a git diff of the include change (1). 

The osx specific semaphore file must be pointed to properly in the Makefile.am. Something similar to IS_OS_WIN32, if we cannot adapt the posix to work also for macos. I can make that change for sure.

Best Regards,
Mattias Claesson

> Things I needed to adapt was:
> 1. semaphore-osx.c
> #include <Multiprocessing.h>    >>>  #include <CoreServices/CoreServices.h> (old include was renamed in newer macos headers, according to google)
> 2. These was no way for the osx version to be compiled in the build so I just changed the src/Makefile.am
> pulsecore/semaphore-posix.c pulsecore/semaphore.h
> >>>
> pulsecore/semaphore-osx.c pulsecore/semaphore.h
> 3. Dynamic linkage error because symbolic link missing for the MPCreateSemaphore API call. Added the library to Makefile.am.
> libpulsecommon_ at PA_MAJORMINORMICRO@_la_LDFLAGS = $(AM_LDFLAGS) -avoid-version
> >>>
> libpulsecommon_ at PA_MAJORMINORMICRO@_la_LDFLAGS = -framework Carbon $(AM_LDFLAGS) -avoid-version

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