[pulseaudio-discuss] volume-independence on secondary output devices

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sun Nov 8 08:45:18 PST 2009

'Twas brillig, and Ng Oon-Ee at 08/11/09 16:42 did gyre and gimble:
> On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 11:36 -0500, Jud Craft wrote:
>>> Under 'Output Devices', each output has three icons on the top right of
>>> its 'box'. The first from the left is the mute icon, the second is the
>>> lock icon (looks like a shield) the third which is a green circle with a
>>> white tick is the 'set as fallback' icon.
>> I apologize, but now I'm lost.  Are we talking about the same user
>> interface?  I see nothing like this in System > Preferences > Sound :
>> Output.
> Yep, that's the problem then. You need to look for something called (I
> think) Pulseaudio Volume Control. To check if you have it, open a
> terminal and try and run `pavucontrol`. If you don't have it, your
> distro probably has it in the repos somewhere, install it. That's the
> Right Way (tm) to adjust pulseaudio volumes, streams, and the like.

Actually not quite true. Gnome Volume Control, which Jud is using, *is* 
the official Gnome way to interact with PulseAudio these days. 
pavucontrol is still the tool we use upstream a lot and where new 
features get implemented first for testing etc., but the official Gnome 
UI should be used and workable too.

As per your first reply Jud, the setting of the default device in g-v-c 
should work fine and allow the volume buttons to adjust the appropriate 
device, so dunno why that's not working :(



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