[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio to airport express on ubuntu jaunty

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Nov 11 01:24:36 PST 2009

'Twas brillig, and Denis Haskin at 11/11/09 01:06 did gyre and gimble:
> Well, I was about to post a question because I wasn't able to connect to 
> my airport express using pulseaudio on ubuntu jaunty, but I just went 
> and switched default output device back to HDA Intel, and suddenly it's 
> working (streaming to the AEX).

Where did you set the "default"? Different tools have different 
meanings. e.g. the unsupported and not recommended padevchooser is 
definitely the worst offender here. It sets the default but you 
typically have to restart the application (or at least have the 
application reconnect to pulse) to have the options take effect. I 
cannot recommend against padevchooser enough. If you meant the official 
gnome tools then that is fair enough.

> The modules module-raop-sink and -discover were not loaded automatically 
> (like in http://pulseaudio.org/ticket/492), but if I did a "pactl 
> load-module module-raop-discover" it loaded manually, and found my AEX.

The -discover modules is not meant to be loaded automatically. You have 
to pick the option in paprefs if you want this on. The -discover module, 
once loaded, will load the -sink module for you if appropriate.

> But it wasn't producing any output for a while, despite my random 
> wanderings through pulseaudio dialogs.  Finally, as I said, I went back 
> and de-selected the AEX as the default sink, and suddenly I started to 
> get output.

See above about the "dialogs" in question - padevchooser should not be 
used. pavucontrol doesn't use the term "default" any more as it is in 
appropriate in this context - it's just a fallback when a given stream 
has never been played before, or the device on which it was last played 
is unavailable.

If you can clarify what apps you were using, we can maybe offer some 
more advice on using them appropriately.

Note also that the RAOP support still has several flaws. I'm slowly 
getting myself enough headroom to dive in again and improve the support, 
so maybe by .21 it might be better :)



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