[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 0.9.21

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Sun Nov 22 21:07:27 PST 2009


Mostly bug fixes, and the device manager module Colin worked on. This
is mostly relevant for KDE for now, but might see greater use
eventually. Since this module is relatively new its probably a good
idea not to consider this extension API/ABI stable yet. 


Colin Guthrie (53):
      device-manager: Add a new module to keep track of the names and
      descriptions of various sinks.
      device-manager: Add an untested protocol extension.
      device-manager: Fix indentation
      device-manager: Export device-manager extension functions
      device-manager: Link native protocol library.
      device-manager: Fix tagstruct description extraction (copy+paste
      device-restore: Fix the application of an entry to allow
      changing the name of devices.
      device-manager: Only store and save details for non-monitor
      device-manager: Fix copy+paste leftover
      device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.19 (predicted)
      device-manager: Provide a way for clients to enable/disable
      role-based device-priority routing.
      device-manager: Fix copy+paste code that looped over the
      tagstruct when not necessary
      device-manager: Provide a method for prefering/defering a
      device-manager: Change the write function to a rename function.
      device-manager: Let subscribed clients know when something
      device-manager: When a new device is encountered, initialise the
      priority list to an appropriate value
      device-manager: Fix the freeing of the datum on prefer/defer.
      device-manager: debug and comments
      device-manager: Rough framework (slots etc.) for handling
      device-manager: Remove unneeded logic for checking for and
      (un)loading module-stream-restore. We can co-exist
      device-manager: Add a function to get a list of the highest
      priority device indexes for each role.
      device-manager: Add routing functions that are triggered when
      sinks/soruces are added/removed.
      device-manager: Set the most appropriate sink/source when new
      streams are created
      device-manager: Remove unused variables
      device-manager: Allow the routing component to be turned on via
      a module argument as well as via protocol extn.
      device-manager: Some efficiency and safety tweaks
      device-manager: Update exports
      device-manager: Fix the database write mode
      device-manager: Keep a cache of the highest priority devices for
      each role.
      device-manager: Reroute the streams on startup and update our
      cache on enable.
      device-manager: More sensible names for internal functions
      device-manager: Refactor the routing method to allow the routing
      of a single stream
      device-manager: Reroute streams when they change allowing the
      media.role to be updated mid-stream.
      device-manager: Add a function to dump the database which we do
      whenever we save it (and on startup)
      device-manager: Expose the priority lists in the protocol
      device-manager: Save icon and report current availability over
      device-manager: Don't notify clients on every subscription (it
      happens all the time).
      device-manager: Change the prefer/defer options to a single
      'reorder' command.
      device-manager: Add extra debug messages
      device-manager: Fix the writing of the database when priority
      doesn't change.
      device-manager: Misc fixes.
      device-manager: Misc fixes to co-exist with other stream
      management/routing modules.
      device-manager: Add some scripts that are only run under KDE to
      load/initialise module-device-manager with routing turned on.
      device-manager: Fix typo in module loading script.
      device-manager: No need to check the version after calling
      device-manager: Keep track as to whether or not the user
      specifically renamed the device.
      device-manager: Make use of PA_IDXSET_FOREACH when applying
      device-manager: Play nice with module-stream-restore.
      device-manager: Rather than flagging the device as available,
      just include the sink/source index with PA_INVALID_INDEX meaning
      device-manager: Fix compiler warning.
      device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.20
      device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.20
      build-sys: Fix missing trailing slash in 14eaf2

Lennart Poettering (8):
      rygel: fix itemCount property for sources
      daemon: complain if user passes too many arguments
      pulse: try to fix inaccuracy with uncork timing for streams that
      are created in corked state
      pulse: delay smoother update only when unpausing, not when
      pausing, since we don't want the timer to advance when we are
      supposedly already paused
      pulse: ask for timing updates both *before* and *after*
      triggering a stream state change so that in the
      STARTED/UNDERFLOW callbacks we accurate transport latency
      alsa: fix log output when the audio device refuses to give us
      again the same period settings we had before
      alsa: fix minor sampling rate deviations before adjusting the
      buffer size
      bump soname

Sjoerd Simons (1):
      build-sys: Make sure all alsa path config files are installed


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