[pulseaudio-discuss] rtp+loopback module problems

Jukka Kommeri jukka.kommeri at cern.ch
Mon Nov 23 08:58:09 PST 2009

The network latency is not that critical. Rather I would like the 
loopback-module latency to be minimal. So that when I speak I wont hear 
my own words with a delay, which is disturbing when the delay grows too 

What I am trying to do is use the existing Pulseaudio tools to connect 
machines in local area network and form conference groups.

The problem most likely is with the rtp-modules. They fail when the 
session is long enough, > 1 minute. Rtp-modules alone will just cause 
the alsa source to suspend and the underruns do not occur. Loopback 
module keeps the session open and at some point causes the underrun.

This is just me guessing as I don't know better.

thank you for helping,

pl bossart wrote:
> Looks to me more as an RTP issue than a loopback one, it does look
> like the sample-rate is changed both in module-rtp-recv and
> module-loopback. Not sure how this would work. And why would you want
> low-latency for network traffic, you will by construction be limited
> by the network?
> You need to provide more context for us to help.
> - Pierre
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