[pulseaudio-discuss] Why no 'default device' option?

Vadim Peretokin vperetokin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 09:14:22 PST 2009

It's great that *pavucontrol* offers a fallback device option. But why
doesn't it offer one for selecting which device would you like to be

My use case: I'm on a laptop and have a wireless usb headset. I prefer that
everything is played/recorded via the headset, when the headset is connected
to the laptop.

Currently with PulseAudio, every new app that I start will use the onboard
sound card. I have to manually go to pavucontrol, and change the streams to
my headset. PA will also, at some point later in time, randomly forget that
and reset back to the soundcard, but I haven't found the reliable pattern
for that to report it.
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