[pulseaudio-discuss] redirecting audio from SAA7134 tv card.

Luca DELLA GHEZZA luca_dgh at hotmail.it
Thu Oct 1 07:14:24 PDT 2009

I refer to this ticket http://www.pulseaudio.org/ticket/665
As lennart said I tried to load module loopback with the command

pactl load-module module-loopback

it answers to me with   22   that I suppose is the number of devices
After that I found that from the speakers I could hear the sound from
the mic integrated in my webcam, so the command had some effect. I muted
the mic from Pulseaudio settings.
I tried to listen my tv card audio, but no way. Tvtime was unable to
connect to pulseaudio.
i.e. launching tvtime like this

tvtime --mixer=pcm:0

the answer was:

mixer: Can't open device pcm, mixer volume and mute unavailable.
mixer: No such mixer channel '0', using channel 'line'.

I tried different devices, but the answer was always the same.

After that I made a call with skype and on the other side the person
could listen to my tv card audio instead of my voice coming from the
I tried different settings using Pavucontrol, but finally I rebooted the
system and everything was back to the normality.

Any suggestion?

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