[pulseaudio-discuss] No startup detection with module-udev-detect in PulseAudio 0.9.18

Matthew W. S. Bell matthew at bells23.org.uk
Thu Oct 1 19:58:50 PDT 2009

I recently upgraded to PulseAudio 0.9.18 on a Debian testing/unstable
mix. On starting pulseaudio, no ALSA cards were detected by pulseaudio,
though there are two present. With debug level information being output,
pulseaudio stated only:
I: module-udev-detect.c: Found 0 cards.
I have talked to a couple of other people who seem to be having this

Using printf debugging, I found that processing was at least reaching
module-udev-detect.c:process_device for each card, which makes me
suspect the udev_device_get_action() logic, as I believe, on startup,
the devices will not have an associated action.

To test this, I ran 'udevadm trigger', which resulted in both cards
being detected. However, I now cannot reproduce the original problem.

Matthew W.S. Bell

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