[pulseaudio-discuss] "passthrough" audio (eg. AC3 / DTS / WM9)

Dave Moore davewantsmoore at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 20:30:00 PDT 2009

Hi Everyone.  I'm really sorry if this has been covered before, I've read
back through the past 6 months list history and found nothing.... and my OS
(ubuntu) and application support forums/lists are not being very helpful.

I would like to pass digital audio completely unaltered ("bit-stream") to my
SPDIF output - Can this be done with pulseaudio?

(Yes, I understand that I will lose sound mixing and the ability to have
multiple application use the sound device)

For example:
If I have a stereo PCM file @ 16bit / 44.1khz  -  Then output at this type
(do not resample in any way) ... or PCM @ 24bit / 96khz .... etc.   If I
have AC3 / DTS @ 48khz - The output this original data exactly.

(I am using an external decoder/processor and do not want the original audio
data changed in any way).

Again - sorry if this is a stupid question, or already answered.  I could
not find a definitive answer.... I would like to keep pulseaudio if possible
- as it is what my Linux distro (ubuntu) has set default.

Thanks in advance.
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