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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Oct 5 13:24:36 PDT 2009

On Sun, 04.10.09 01:30, Przemek Rudy (prudy1 at o2.pl) wrote:

> Hi,
> It is possible to select manually between "Output Analog Stereo" and
> "Output Digital Stereo (IEC958)". Before moving to pulse audio (using
> pure alsa only system) the sound was automatically redirected to the
> right output, i.e.:
> - to the laptop front speakers when optical mini-jack was unplugged
> - to the optical line when it was inserted
> Is there any way to switch the used configuration profile automatically
> when the optical plug is inserted/removed?

Yes, jack sensing support in PA is planned. Unfortunately support for
jack sensing in the drivers is still lacking. Some drivers do support
it, unfortunately none of the ones I use. 

Also the semantics and apis for jack sensing in the lower layers are
still very much in flux. The current API is based around input
devices, and there has been some work in using normal ALSA controls
instead. Also, the naming of the devices is not really standardized so
it is hard to figure our which profile to activate when something is

So in summary: this is definitely planned, but I haven't started
working on that. The lower layers are not really ready yet. And It's
unlikely that I'll start working on this before either AD198x or
ALC889A (the two HDA implementations that I have here) gain jack
sensing support in ALSA.


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