[pulseaudio-discuss] Suggestions for enhancement of pulseaudio

stan gryt2 at q.com
Wed Oct 7 10:43:29 PDT 2009


Just some possible features to add to pulse to make if easier to use.

When the pa_simple model is used and the pa_simple object is returned,
return the server's default rate, channels, and format in the struct so
an application can decide if they want to conform to reduce the need
for resampling.  

When pulse chooses its default configuration, it should query the sound
device to determine the native rates and formats it supports, and choose
one of them so it doesn't have to do resampling.  I have an onboard
NVIDIA CK8S chip that doesn't do 44100 natively, only 48000.  Yet pulse
is using 44100 as its default configuration for that device.

If there are no other applications using pulse, and it receives a
request for a rate, format, or channel configuration different than the
default, and if the requested format is supported natively on the sound
device, it switches to that as its default configuration for the
duration of the request. 

e.g. An application opens a pa_simple stream and requests 96000, S32LE,
6 channel.  There are no other applications using the device, the
device supports that configuration natively, so pulse resets the device
to that configuration in alsa, and changes its default configuration to
be that until this application ends.  Then it goes back to its default.

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