[pulseaudio-discuss] Desperation with idling

Alvaro Alonso Jiménez alvaroalo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 06:36:02 PDT 2009

Hello everybody,

I have checked all the pulseaudio code in order to solve the problem of
idling when I have a sink different from the ALSA one (in other words, a new
module-null-sink). I need to code this stream using ffmpeg, and if I use the
ALSA sink, everything works fine, but whenever I create a new sink, and I
forward the applications to output the audio through that sink, if the
applications have no sound, the codification states blocked (waiting for an
audio stream). I need to have a permanent audio stream - if the application
has no audio, the pulseaudio should work as if there were silence, shouldn't
it?? -

I have the module suspend-on-idle disabled, and I have checked that there is
a thread about idling per-device or sth like that, but I don't understand it
at all...

Can anybody help me?? I would be really really grateful if so!!!!!

Thank you very much in advance!!!!

With kind regards,

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