[pulseaudio-discuss] master volume check

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Tue Oct 13 05:38:10 PDT 2009

Hi all (first post please be gentle :),

At the moment I am trying to write a simple gtk application which in essence
can detect this scenario :

'master' volume is muted. And at the same time a client application is
attempting to play audio.

I have been digging through the API and I can't find anything obvious about
the master volume.

I am using the Glib asynchronous api. So far I can query the server about
the number channels and their respective volumes but I cannot query the
overall master volume.

I thought it would be a case of setting up a callback whereby any channel
attempting to play a stream would notify a custom call back which would then
check if all channels are muted and then notify the GUI accordingly.

another idea was to use PA_STREAM_START_MUTED. Connect to all streams and on
a playback event check if any has this stream state ? clutching at straws to
be honest. long time since I toyed with C API's.

any help would be much appreciated.

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