[pulseaudio-discuss] Desperation with idling

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Tue Oct 13 08:41:25 PDT 2009

ti, 2009-10-13 kello 10:58 +0200, Alvaro Alonso Jiménez kirjoitti:
> The problem comes from the fact that when the application I want to
> grab the sound from has no sound - I am testing it with firefox and a
> website with no sound -, and the sink is one of those I have just
> created. In these conditions, when executing parec, the program states
> blocked waiting for an audio stream - and despite having the module
> suspend-on-idle disabled -. If the application has sound - firefox
> with a website with sound -, everything works fine!!!!

It looks like this works for me (parec does record silence from a null
sink). I noticed that the file size stays constant for a while and then
it jumps a lot and then it stays again constant for a while. The
interval between the jumps might be about 10 seconds. Maybe that the
processing happens in so big chunks has led you to believe that it
doesn't work at all?

Tanu Kaskinen

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