[pulseaudio-discuss] Sharing the code for a pulseaudio based whole home audio system

Matthew Patterson matt at v8zman.com
Sun Oct 25 16:40:04 PDT 2009

Ok. I have done a LOT of cleanup on the code. Consolidated the numerous 
config files, made the directory structure somewhat logical, etc. I also 
converted to git using git-cvsimport without too much trouble.

So now I have the question, how to I push my repository up to gitorous 
(already have an account) without including the entire history? I have 
cleaned the current tree to not contain any passwords/etc, but previous 
checkins definitely contained that sort of stuff.

It really seems like I should be able to push only the current code 
snapshot and let things progress from there. That way I get to keep my 
history and the server continues from here on out? Is git rebase what I 
am looking for???


Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Matthew Patterson at 14/09/09 16:44 did gyre and 
> gimble:
>> I'll check them out. I've been meaning to switch over to something 
>> other than CVS for a long time. I primarily use CVS for code 
>> backup/versioning on personal projects where I am the only developer 
>> so I have been lazy :).
> Yeah I know the feeling... I've still got one personal CVS kicking 
> around too.... laziness wins every time :D
>> Is there a CVS->GIT conversion tool that will allow me to keep my 
>> entire revision history?
> Sure. There are both cvs and svn tools distributed with git.
> With git-svn you can get bi-directional linkage to the subversion 
> repository (e.g. for using git locally to work with upstream projects 
> that still use subversion) allowing you to rebase your clone on 
> upstream commits and also commit your local changes back to subversion 
> too. I use it all the time at work and it's awesome.
> The cvs module is not bi-directional, but it should work fine for a 
> one-off import:
> http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-cvsimport.html
> Col

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