[pulseaudio-discuss] setting a volume on a short lived stream

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Oct 29 14:13:27 PDT 2009

'Twas brillig, and Brian J. Murrell at 29/10/09 19:55 did gyre and gimble:
> How could I set the volume (i.e. with pavucontrol) for a short lived
> audio stream such as the beep that metacity now delivers, for example
> when you echo ^G?
> Using PA 0.9.19 now.

This beeb should be marked with media.role=event and thus should be 
adjustable via the "Sound Events" slider in pavucontrol should control 
your volume. That said, I'm not 100% certain how metacity produces this 
sound, but I suspect it's via libcanberra in which case it's definitely 
setup like that.



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