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On Tue, 01.09.09 19:44, Lennart Poettering (lennart at poettering.net) wrote:

> > Yes. That would be the idea of supporting the newer protocol. Their
> > "Airfoil speakers" allows streaming audio to windows, linux, and mac,
> > so if we could only have support for Airtunes 2, we could piggy back.
> Are you suggesting they recovered the second crypto key for RAOP?
> Or does RAOP2 not dongle iTunes and the Airport together anymore?
> Reading http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/speakers.php I get the
> impression that they do ot actually support that iTunes can send audio
> to their Airfoil Speakers just like that. 

Also, reading this:


I found this comment:

  "Lemme just summarize discussion so far, and clear up a few
  things. Airfoil, from Rogue Amoeba, facilitates streaming of any
  app, audio input, and system audio to AirPort Express. Those hoping
  to stream system audio this way all the time will be
  disappointed. There is significant latency, up to 5 seconds. Both
  Airfoil and iTunes compensate for this, delaying all outputs (even
  local audio, in iTunes' case) to match the "weakest link." As of
  yet, there is no solution to emulate an APx?. Its half of the key
  appears to be unknown, and it makes sense that this would be better
  protected if the music industry's interests were in mind. (A device
  receiving music might record it, a device sending it already has
  it.) Add me to the crowd looking to overcome this, but without the
  equipment or resources to solve it myself. A low-level audio
  transmission system used in place of the AirTunes protocol would be
  great, but it must either be very low lag or able to delay local
  audio based on network latency. That seems to be all at the
  moment. -Sidney"

Not sure if that's up to date, but I cannot find any reference on the
internet whatsoever that this statement wasn't the status quo anymore.

If you say things have changed since then, please tell me where I can
find a comment about this!



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