[pulseaudio-discuss] Different recording volumes in apps using pulseaudio

Pedro Abranches pedrof.abranches at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 07:06:00 PDT 2009

Hello everyone.

I have an acer aspire one notebook that has an internal microphone and
a jack for a external mic.
When I record something with gnome sound recorder, it records great
with both mics. The problem is when I use other apps.

For example, skype 2.1 works pretty well with pulse (it only has that
option in the settings window btw) when I record with the external
mic. When using the internal mic, the sound is too much low... It's
almost muted.
With pulseaudio manager I can confirm that skype is really using pulse.

So, in this case, what differs from gnome sound recorder and skype?
Both are using pulse.
In pulseaudio manager I increased the volume of the input device and
then I could hear the recorded sound, but when I switched to the
external mic the sound was completely distorted(obviously).

Any way I can have the same recording volumes with both mics in skype,
like I have in gnome sound recorder?

Pedro Abranches

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