[pulseaudio-discuss] [0.9.17]Missing audio-headset-bluetooth icon terminates pavucontrol

Peter Hurley phurley at charter.net
Fri Sep 18 06:30:44 PDT 2009

If a bluetooth headset is connected and pavucontrol is started, 
pavucontrol terminates immediately.  The only clue is when pavucontrol 
is started from the command-line, the following message is output:

    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Gtk::IconThemeError'

Supplying a replacement audio-headset-bluetooth.svg (eg, in 
$HOME/.icons) avoids the terminate and shows the icon on the "Output 
Devices" tab and "Input Devices" tab.  The terminate also occurs if the 
headset is connected while pavucontrol is running.

Tested with pulseaudio-0.9.17, bluez-4.52 on 2.6.31 kernel.

Peter Hurley

PS - I saw the open call for art - is this likely to happen with other 
device configurations as well?

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