[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 0.9.18

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Fri Sep 18 17:53:53 PDT 2009


Here's another release:


These are mostly bug fixes, so an update is recommended.

This also installs a Vala .vapi file now by default. This should be
considered a preview only. It's only minimally tested, so this will
probably receive quite a few more updates in the near future.

Colin Guthrie (5):
      raop: Use pa_module_unload_request_by_index as per module-zeroconf-discover
      rtp: Factor out direct io writing and use ioline instead.
      rtp: Remove 'fix me' comment after it was actually fixed in [56b6e1]
      alsa: Give all ports a human name to allow UI tools to present the choice to users.
      conf: Fix typo in daemon.conf: rlimit-rtttime - too many t's

Lennart Poettering (36):
      gccmacro: enable weakrefs only on ELF
      memblock: make it easy to disable mempool usage with $PULSE_MEMPOOL_DISABLE
      pacat: use fully automatic buffer sizes if possible
      svolume_mmx: disable test accidentaly left on
      libpulse: as a special exception, don't require a non-NULL context in pa_context_errno
      position-event-sounds: don't warn that loud about vpos/hpos out of range
      proplist: introduce PA_PROP_WINDOW_DESKTOP property
      cli: don't accidentaly set O_NDELAY on stderr
      cli: properly destruct cli object
      Improve TMPDIR handling
      core-util: unify how we determine the temporary directory
      alsa: fix Surround mixer element name
      mainloop: properly convert time to wallclock time when handing it to the user
      mainloop: calculate in pa_usec_t everywhere
      mainloop: don't initialize fields we don't have to
      mainloop: use PA_LLIST_FOREACH macros where applicable
      mainloop: sum up dispatched events in an unsigned to clarify range
      macro: introduce PA_INT_TYPE_MIN, PA_INT_TYPE_MAX, PA_INT_TYPE_SIGNED macros
      timeval: introduce PA_USEC_MAX
      core-rtclock: introduce pa_timespec_store() akin pa_timeval_store()
      timeval: make pa_timeval_sub saturating
      timeval: add UNLIKELY annotation
      timeval: make timeval conversion routines handle PA_USEC_INVALID special
      mainloop: pass monotonic times back to user if he passed monotonic times to us
      memblock: modernizations
      socket-client: modernizations
      mainloop: fix detection of rt clocks
      memblock: don't try to reuse PA_MEMBLOCK_APPENDED memblocks since they usually are much bigger than we want them
      i18n: run make update-po
      namereg: choose default sink/source as soon as one becomes available
      gconf: run the wrapper script when running gconf-helper from build tree
      memtrap: properly add items to linked list
      vala: numerous updates
      vala: install .vapi file by default
      build-sys: bump soname for release

Vladimir Kokarev (1):
      alsa: correct assumptions about channels an element lacks

Wim Taymans (2):
      svolume_sse: fix comment
      svolume_mmx: optimize some more

beckerde (1):
      Sending translation for Spanish

fab (2):
      Sending translation for German
      Sending translation for Swiss German

ifelix (1):
      Sending translation for Tamil

jassy (1):
      Sending translation for Punjabi

kmilos (2):
      Sending translation for Serbian
      Sending translation for Serbian (Latin)

mgiri (1):
      Sending translation for Oriya

mvdz (1):
      Sending translation for Ukrainian

raven (1):
      Sending translation for Polish

ricardopinto (1):
      Sending translation for Portuguese

swkothar (1):
      Sending translation for Gujarati

vpv (1):
      Sending translation for Finnish

warrink (1):
      Sending translation for Dutch

xconde (1):
      Sending translation for Catalan


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