[pulseaudio-discuss] Mic not working with PA

remrot at gmail.com remrot at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 12:55:24 PDT 2009

Thx for your fast response, very much appreciated!

 I started the live session and collected some data. I'll attach an archive
containing the output of 'pacmd list' from both systems as well as the
output of the ALSA info script that they provide for reporting bugs. Maybe
that will give some useful information too...

 The most obvious difference I noticed was within alsamixer. In the live
session all devices have been correctly detected, including the capture
device. After the installation I had to use the 'probe_mask=8' option to get
rid of the softmodem in codec slot 0 (without that, there wasn't even a
capture device). But, like I already said, now everything looks OK in the
installed system...



2009/9/23 Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie>

> 'Twas brillig, and remrot at gmail.com at 23/09/09 19:29 did gyre and gimble:
>> Thanks a lot for your help!
>>  I tried everything you suggested (except for checking /etc/pulse diffs,
>> I'll do that later) without any luck. But I attached the output of 'pacmd
>> list' as well as screenshots of pavucontrol and alsamixer. Imho, everything
>> looks right. When recording with audacity, I can select (in pavucontrol)
>> between the device itself and "monitor of" the device. When selecting the
>> device, the "recording cursor" in audacity does not even move (but
>> flickers). When selecting the monitor, the cursor moves but records nothing
>> but silence (look at the volume meter). Dito with the gnome-sound-recorder
>> (he even crashes on exit when recording directly from the device instead of
>> the monitor). I couldn't find a place where I can set the monitor as the
>> default recording device. I can only change that after recording has
>> started, which is quiet confusing... what's the point of these "monitors"
>> btw?
> Monitors allow you to hear what is coming out of a speaker (think of a band
> playing at a live gig, they use monitors to hear their own playing). So for
> every output sink there is a "monitor" source that goes with it.
> If you were to record from a monitor and then play some audio you should
> hear that coming back in.
> It's odd that things are not working tho' :s Perhaps the live CD uses
> tsched=0 mode in it's default.pa? The output from pacmd list again on the
> live cd should provide a good comparison.
> Col
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