[pulseaudio-discuss] 3 cards, use all w/ PA AND one of them with skype too ...

Chris Joelly chris-m-lists at joelly.net
Sun Sep 27 03:12:37 PDT 2009


i try to setup my 3 cards in a way so that it works like the following:

1st device onboard (Intel 82801H 8086:284b) headset
2nd device pci (ES1969 Solo-1 125d:1969) room1
3rd device pci (Ensoniq ES1371 1274:1371) room2

i want to use all 3 devices with PA for output and only the first device 
for input. i managed to combine them to be a simultaneous device for
outputting to two at the same time (room1 and room2), simultaneous output
to all three is default in PA, so this is trivial ;-) 

The problems i have is with the input of the headset and getting it
running with skype. I thought i could use .asoundrc to redirect all alsa
based applications to pulse, but that only works for output ...

pcm.!default {
    type pulse

ctl.!default {
	type pulse

So, how can i tell alsa/pulse to let the mic of the headset be used from
within alsa based applications?

thanks, Chris

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