[pulseaudio-discuss] Does pulseaudio require alsa/oss

David Kågedal davidk at lysator.liu.se
Fri Apr 23 01:25:04 PDT 2010

David Kågedal <davidk at lysator.liu.se> writes:

> Of course we have to moan, otherwise will never document anything they
> do. And asking people who know absolutely nothing about something quite
> complex and obscure to write the documentation soves precisely nothing.

Or, put another way: Complaining about missing or poor documentation is
a bug report just like copmlaining about missing or broken
functionality. Just like any bug report, it can be fixed by someone who
knows how it works, or by someone who doesnt (with much greater effort).

And no, I'm not asking for big manuals presenting everything in perfect
style. But I'm asking developers to add some notes about how stuff
actually works. I think that Lennart is good at this, for example.

David Kågedal

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