[pulseaudio-discuss] Audio Capture ( recording a Skype conversation )

Chris cowden damnitmiller at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Apr 27 04:27:05 PDT 2010

Dear PulseAudio community,

My apologies if this is either a double post or simply a stupid question.  As the subject line suggests I'm interested in recording something like a Skype conversation.  I say something like a Skype conversation because I work with some similar voip teleconferencing programs other than Skype.

I've been looking in several places for some information.  Hopefully I'm close to having a solution, but I'm not quite there.

pacat -r -d alsa_output.pci-0000_00_14.2.analog-stereo.monitor 

I've used the above command to capture audio passing through my sound server.  I've also added a virtual device in my /etc/alas/pulse-default.conf file.  So I can also capture that audio with other programs such as Audacity.  So I need to include my microphone to the recording.  

I've found the following command, which doesn't work for me, to pass two streams:

pacat -r -d alsa_input.pci-0000_00_14.2.analog-stereo | pacat -p -d 

The above results in:

Stream error: No such entity
write() failed: Broken pipe

for me.

So, is there a way to combine my two devices?  I'm assuming something like a pacmd script will do the trick, but I don't yet understand how the module-combine statements work.  

Many Thanks.

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