[pulseaudio-discuss] Auto switching outputs

Michał Sawicz michal at sawicz.net
Sat Aug 7 02:57:49 PDT 2010

Dnia 2010-08-05, czw o godzinie 08:54 +0100, Colin Guthrie pisze:
> There isn't really a great and easy way to automatically move the
> whole
> output across. This exact model is currently supported under KDE with
> the modules I wrote to implement their routing policy but it's not
> exposed on Gnome. 

Well, wouldn't changing the fallback device achieve that goal currently?
Using gnome-volume-control, for example? If no streams are manually
moved to other sinks, connecting the headphones (be it USB, BT or other
ones) would result in moving the streams to the newly selected fallback
sink, no? Or is the 'move immediately' only applied to sinks selected by
hand, not for the fallback?

Michał Sawicz <michal at sawicz.net>
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