[pulseaudio-discuss] a52: Good work.

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Mon Aug 9 11:52:44 PDT 2010

You might want to look at 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/348353/comments/35 - 
Danny Wood packaged up the steps I described in the previous comment in a PPA 
which would save you recompiling Pulseaudio. The only thing missing from it is 
the a52 Alsa plugin.


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Subject: [pulseaudio-discuss] a52: Good work.

I've tested pulseaudio-1552abf62820e063e933e54372bec25f8ea2f68a.tar.gz
(recent GIT) and discovered it works as intended.

There were no docs on building this or even downloading it.  The results
for me were UNKNOWN.UNKNOWN.UNKNOWN and this is unfortunate.  Though
dispite this after adding /usr/local/lib to my ld.so.conf file every
thing was fine...  There may well be other pulseaudio libs that
applications might use, but these have not caused problems AFAIK.

Thank you for your hard work, this proves that a sink can switch from
PCM to AC3 and back at will, even while being used.  A point of great
contention that I've had with just about every one.

I'd imagine this might work for a sink that looked analog but was(or
could be) actually digital...  Like a USB dongle that I own:
Behringer U Control UCA202 USB Audio Interface

Mike Mestnik
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Nagios Enterprises, LLC
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