[pulseaudio-discuss] cmipci, pulseaudio and 5.1 — unable to contol center/LFE

Jan Braun janbraun at gmx.de
Wed Aug 18 06:19:45 PDT 2010

Erik Boritsch schrob:
> I have a CM8738-MC6 soundcard with 5.1 analog surround. With pulseaudios
> 5.1 profile I am unable to control center and LFE channels.
> [...]
> In my case, it seems that center/LFE are on hw:1,1 (with other channels
> being on hw:1,0). I have tried adding followings to .asoundrc:
> [...]
> With this config I can control volume for all the channels
> simultaneously in alsa using the "Softmaster" control. 
> However, I am lost about how can I make this work in pulseaudio. 
> I can edit analog-output.conf.common to make pulseaudio control
> "SoftMaster", but this control doesn't affect sounds routed through
> pulseaudio.

(Warning: I'm just guessing here...)

By default, PA finds soundcards via module-{udev-|hal-|}detect, which
probably will pick up your physical card rather than the alsa !default.
So you might try something like
| load-module module-alsa-sink device=softvol
in default.pa to make PA use the softvol device.

Alternatively, you could try to duplicate the alsa config by following

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