[pulseaudio-discuss] and the winner is dmix

Jan Braun janbraun at gmx.de
Sun Aug 22 16:38:57 PDT 2010


Halim Sahin schrob:
> > > PA simply listens to messages from CK and gracefully releases it's
> > > control of the devices when it's not supposed to have access. In reality
> > > we're just being a good citizen in this regard.
> > 
> > Yep, but maybe CK isn't such a good police^Hy.
> +1 if ck really doesn't support plain texconsole logins.

I don't know whether it does, and didn't want to imply it doesn't.
(And I don't care much. ck-list-sessions lists nothing for me even in X ;)
I was merely objecting to treating sound output as an "one user at a
time only" resource.

> > Alsa supports[1] one application playing audio at a time.
> Alsa can do softmixing as well with it's dmix plugin.

I know about dmix. However, it can't adjust the relative volume of multiple
streams (at least I couldn't get it to). I consider that ability essential for
actually using sw mixing. Hence:

> > [1] for demanding interpretations of "support"

...and that's why I'm using PA :)

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