[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] RFC: Fixing the build (out of tree & make distcheck etc)

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Dec 4 06:07:41 PST 2010


As we had some issues running make distcheck with the latest release can
someone give some feedback on the following three patches (against
stable queue for now but will also go into master).

The first patch basically just introduces some dummy Makefile.am's to
ensure that the necessary directories are created in the build directory
(for out of tree builds). This prevents the cc warnings about not being
able to find an directory (a minor annoyance) but also allows the build
to complete and do the necessary i18n stuff on the .desktop files which
normally fail due to src/daemon not being a directory in the build tree
(this is a bug in intl-tool as noted in the commit message).

The second patch fixes a problem when running make distcheck related to
the udev rules. It insists on using the system folder and does not seem
to honour DESTDIR. I guess a distcheck doesn't actually use a DESTDIR
but a custom prefix and thus it fails. I'm not sure this is the best
approach to fixing this but it seems to work for me. Feel free to test
without this patch to see if it "just works" for you without it.

And thirdly this patch ensures the .version file is included in the
tarball as stated in the docs of git-version-gen. Without this make
distcheck fails as the source tree is read-only and thus the .version
file cannot be created. By including it in the tarball, it does not get
overwritten and the build works fine.

Comments welcome as I'm no autofoo expert and am just blundering around
until things generally work.



Colin Guthrie

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