[pulseaudio-discuss] Get the 'future' volume of a stream?

Gregory Petrosyan gregory.petrosyan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 09:14:20 PST 2010

Hi everybody,

I am the current maintainer of cmus console music player (and the
author of its PulseAudio output plugin).

Like every audio player, cmus displays the "volume control widget".
Nothing unexpected here :-) But, in fact, this control serves dual
purposes: it displays the current playback volume *and* it is used to
indicate/configure the volume before the playback starts.

But the problem is, as it seems to me, that with PA I have no way to
display/configure the volume before the playback starts, if I want to
take advantage of module-stream-restore (pass NULL volume to the
pa_stream_connect_playback, which is "strongly recommended"). So, I
either store the volume myself and pass it to
pa_stream_connect_playback (which seems not to be the "true way"), or
I display no volume control at all before the playback starts, which
is kind of a nonsense.

Am I right on this or not, and what is the preferred way to control
the volume with PA?


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