[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio problem when using x2go and likewise-open

Ivan Boyadzhiev ivancho.b at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 06:33:37 PST 2010

> As I said above, we do not do any forward at all (well, it would be SSH
> that does this if anything, but it doesn't - yet). All we do is piggy
> back onto X11 forwarding built in to SSH.
> Overall, I'm not sure where you are running PA and why it needs to be
> system-wide at all (generally I would not recommend this), but come on
> IRC and then we can discuss and I can explain how things should be
> setup. I'm coling in #pulseaudio on Freenode.
> FWIW, I describe how the Remote X11 case works here:
> http://colin.guthr.ie/2009/08/sound-on-linux-is-confusing-defuzzing-part-2-pulseaudio/
> which may be useful reading.
> Col
> --
> Colin Guthrie

Hi Colin,
thanks for your reply,
I have found the root cause, and it is in x2go side

You can check their mailing list for more information:

Best Regards
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