[pulseaudio-discuss] system-wide daemon

Jeremy Nickurak jeremy at nickurak.ca
Wed Feb 10 17:48:40 PST 2010

A question about the console-kit approach, where the user physically near
the sound hardware is the person that gets to use it...

A favorite trick of mine is to ssh into a machine, and use the sound
hardware there to announce some kind of event. It might be an alarm to wake
up a family member, or a remotely-generated event alert. It might not be
SSH, it might be a cron job, or a CGI...

Assuming I'm the administrator of the machine, how can I pull off this trick
in the context of console-kit? If it's even possible, it sounds like I'd
have to suspend the existing pulseaudio connection by assigning rights to a
"virtual console" of some kind, which would then have the opportunity to use
the audio device until it released it.

Incidentally, this seems to be the same use case that vision-impaired users
were dealing with recently: How can system-level processes inject their
inputs to the speakers without a system-level pulseaudio daemon sharing that

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