[pulseaudio-discuss] Virtual device in Pulseaudio

4ernov 4ernov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 00:32:21 PDT 2010

No, I actually didn't try the equalizer from git as the solution with
null sink worked ok. However I faced some troubles with it during
further development:
1. Sometimes when I start GStreamer app with source in monitor of null
sink and sink in PA's alsa sink through equalizer plugin it plays as
if with the wrong samplerate is set i.e. sounds are pitched down and
are very distorted. I can avoid this only by killing and restarting my
equalizer application.
2. Several seconds after equalizer application started there're some
clicks and drops in output. I've read about glitch-free algorithm
which can lead to these problems but I've also read that they were

Tanu, can some of these problems be due to buffering issues you wrote?
Or perhaps there're some settings to fix them besides using equalizer
from git (that's the possible way for me but I still would like to
make it as GStreamer app if problems above can be solved somehow).

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