[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio jack issue

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Thu Jul 8 09:23:15 PDT 2010

>> on my workstation, i am running pulseaudio with jack as backend. however,
>> i have some troubles with this setup. i have two audio devices on this
>> machine, the onboard audio chip of the soundcard and an rme hdsp
>> (pci+multiface).
>> when the multiface is not connected, the whole computer reacts very
>> slowly. like i click on a menu and it takes something like 10 seconds for
>> the dropdown menu to appear. i suppose, pulseaudio tries to start jack,
>> but doesn't succeed, because it cannot open the hdsp device ...
> How did you figure out that the slowdown is caused by Pulseaudio trying
> to start Jack?

when i start jack, the machine doesn't show any hickups ...

>> i am not sure, what is the best way to handle this use case, but it took
>> me quite some time to figure out, that the odd desktop behavior is
>> related to pulseaudio trying to launch jack ... maybe it is possible to
>> switch the pulseaudio backend to the null backend, if jack cannot be
>> launched?
> AFAIK Jack autostarting happens in jack_client_open(), which we do not
> run in a loop. Instead, if it fails, the jack module loading fails. When
> that happens, it depends on the PA configuration what, if anything, will
> be used as fallback. In the default configuration a null sink is loaded
> by module-always-sink if nothing else is available.

not sure, but i suspect, that exactly that is not happening ... how would a 
configuration look like in that case? i have the default ubuntu 
configuration with the addition of this:

load-module module-jack-source
load-module module-jack-sink


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