[pulseaudio-discuss] Channel-level volume control

Alex Karpinski subterraneus at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 10:53:41 PDT 2010

Long question short: Is it possible the volume for an individual channel on an individual sink-input?

At least, that's what I think I need to know, the actual issue is a little bit more long-winded. 
I'm using python-gstreamer to create a pipeline that outputs to pulsesink, and somewhere along the line I'd like to be able to control which channels my audio goes to, and the gain on those channels. I was using ALSA for a little while, but there are a lot of problems with that and I really want to be able to do this on a stream-by-stream basis. Pulseaudio seemed like a great option, I don't need all the power of Jack, but I need another mixing layer between raw audio and ALSA. At this point I'm really just trying to find out how I can get this in any way that can be shoehorned into a script, dignity and neat code be damned. Is there any hope?


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