[pulseaudio-discuss] Changing default soundcard on attach/detach of soundcards

Jason Taylor killerkiwi2005 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 14:44:38 PDT 2010

>>> 'Twas brillig, and Jason Taylor at 16/06/10 00:58 did gyre and gimble:
>>>> I want to be able to tell my sister that all she has to do to use her
>>>> headset is "plug it in".
>> If she has just bought that headset, that's impossible. At least not
>> without getting MY sister in trouble because she plugged her new headset
>> in and her speakers stopped working.

Just for the record I still think the expected "default" behaviour is
for the new headset to take the sound...
If your sisters speakers stop working all she has to do is unplug the
headset and the sound would move back to her speakers, thats a real
world effect with a real world result.

Its also how the analogue plugs work, IMHO its the expected behaviour
when local speakers are plugged in

And yes I know the powers that be disagree :)

Jason Taylor

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely
pointless. " - Calven

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