[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] AC3 passthrough support

pl bossart bossart.nospam at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 09:31:12 PDT 2010

>> +    PA_SINK_PASSTHROUGH = 0x0100U
>> +    /**< The latency can be adjusted dynamically depending on the
>> +     * needs of the connected streams. \since 0.9.22 */
>> +
> Copy-paste mistake in the documentation.

No this was done on purpose. We are already at 0.9.21 so the next
version is logically 0.9.22?

> Also, PA_IDXSET_FOREACH can be used here. Or actually you don't need to
> iterate through the set at all, you could just check the first input -
> if that's a passthrough input, then it's the only input anyway, and if
> it's not a passthrough input, then none of the inputs is a passthrough
> input.

Yes. I wrote some code but somehow I dropped it. Will fix it.

> I wonder if we should return a more descriptive error in case the sink
> is used by other streams. Returning just "invalid argument" doesn't
> allow apps to give informative error messages. What do you think?

Maybe adding an error code for passthrough connections would do.
INVALID is too vague I guess?

> somewhere in pa_sink_input_new, and checks in protocol-native.c to
> prevent that assertion from firing. That is, refuse to create
> passthrough streams that also have volume specified by the client.

I think it's better to ignore volume settings rather than refuse the connection?

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