[pulseaudio-discuss] Multiple users (kde) on Debian

Mark Cross markcross.gpg.01 at gmx.com
Sun Jul 25 20:54:36 PDT 2010

In a situation where there is a single physical seat (i.e. one keyboard 
and monitor) but there are multiple logical seats, the PA logic is to cork 
(mute) the first user, and enable sound for the next logged-in user.

However, with CTRL-ALT-F7 CTRL-ALT-F8, etc it is possible to switch user's 
X screens without "logging in".

Furthermore, if one user starts a console session to a different user with 
"sudo -i -u user2 bash", there is no log-in process, and the second user 
(user2) does not get to activate sound.

Assuming no user is in the "audio" group.

Is there a way to allow concurrent (local) sounds for both users?

Mark Cross

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