[pulseaudio-discuss] Volume too loud in headphones with Intel HDA

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Mar 3 16:12:53 PST 2010

On Thu, 04.03.10 01:00, Ludovic Courtès (ludo at gnu.org) wrote:

> > And, what if you test 0 against 30? Are both tones completely silent?
> No.  The first one is completely silent but the second one is audible.

Ah, there you go. The dB data for step 0 is incorrect: it claims to be
something substantially > -inf dB but actually seems to cut off audio
completely and hence should be something like == -inf dB.

> > If you can hear one, but not the other than there is some invalid dB
> > data in the driver.
> In that case, how can I work around it in the short term and help fix
> the driver in the longer term?

Dude, I wrote that wiki page for a reason: so that people read it.

So read it again:


File a bug against the driver/kernel in your distro bug tracker. And
explain that the dB data for your volume step 0 is invalid and that it
needs to be fixed to be more like -inf dB. I am pretty sure your distro
folks will then help you to make sure this gets fixed in the
kernel. Include the output of alsa-info.sh --no-upload there.


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