[pulseaudio-discuss] pulsesrc consumes much more CPU than alsasrc

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Mar 15 04:12:47 PDT 2010

Hi Bin,

'Twas brillig, and Bin Gao at 15/03/10 10:28 did gyre and gimble:
> (resend as plain text)

Nice :)

> It seems both pulseaudio alsa PCM plugin (source) and  gstreamer
> pulsesrc consume much more CPU resource than alsa when working on the
> same sample (rate, channel and format). I had a rough look at the source
> code and found they both use the threaded mainloop model. Can we have
> any chance to optimize for this?

> $ gst-launch alsasrc device="hw:0,0" ! queue ! audioconvert ! wavenc !
> filesink location=test.wav     CPU% = 2~3% 

Trying here I get between 1 and 2% CPU.

> $ gst-launch pulsesrc ! queue ! audioconvert ! wavenc ! filesink
> location=test.wav   CPU% = 12~14%

Here I get about 4% CPU (one process hovered between 1 and 2%, with a
second process hovering between 0 and 1% with a third most at 0 and very
occasionally at 1% and a fourth always at 0%)

So definitely less than optimal but not as striking as your example.

(what was interesting to me was that running the first example via
pasuspender caused the sinks/source to not unsuspend themselfs when I
hit control + C... need to investigate that one).



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